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About us

EURAILSCOUT is ambitious, with our aim being to make rail transport even safer, more reliable and more available. We achieve this by providing our customers with clear and useful information on the condition of the track and on the surrounding infrastructure. We map out the infrastructure using our measurement trains and video images, so that you can identify defects early on. This also allows you to carry out maintenance when you need to and prevents damage that would affect or even wholly disrupt rail traffic.

For monitoring and maintenance, it is important for our customers to receive accurate information about the rail network. Apart from the transfer of the measurement data, we can also analyse and interpret this data in order to provide maintenance advice. In this way, you as the customer receive clear and useful information directly about the points of concern in your rail infrastructure and about the locations where maintenance work needs to be carried out.


At EURAILSCOUT, when we go about our work, we look at more than just the bottom line, as we also set great store by CSR (corporate social responsibility). This is why we always carry out our business activities with an eye on both personal safety and the environment. When performing our measurement and inspection processes, we always bear in mind the environment issues and the employee health and safety issues.

Every year, EURAILSCOUT organises a Sustainability Week. During this week, we organise activities that are designed to give an additional boost to our reduction-related activities. In addition, we try to give our employees even more encouragement to offer creative solutions and contribute to the realisation of our objectives and to actually take action themselves in their own living environment.

We at EURAILSCOUT firmly believe that sustainability goes further than just CSR: sustainability is also about the sustainable deployment of our staff. The health and safety of our staff is of essential importance to us, which is why we do all we can to make their working environment as safe and healthy as possible. What’s more, EURAILSCOUT gives its staff the space they need for their personal development, in such areas as skills, competences and craftsmanship, and encourages them to develop their own initiatives.

Work safety at EURAILSCOUT

We stand for safe working ‘24/7’: always working safely, always staying safe, always travelling safely. We take the safety of our own staff and those of our partner organisations, our visitors and the passers-by extremely seriously. We firmly believe that nothing we do is worth getting injured for. This is why health and safety are an integral part of the professional skills of our people and of the people with whom we work.

How do we deal with safety issues?

Safety is an integral part of our day-to-day work. We take responsibility for what we do and discuss safety (and lack of safety) openly with each other. We are open to feedback, which we subsequently deal with professionally and respectfully. Everyone always receives the instructions they need and is responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others. It’s very important to stay alert and to inform others of risky situations. This is why any employee can put down their tools if they believe that health and/or safety is being compromised.

We are always aware of the impact that changes can have. This is why we anticipate and respond to them. In this way, we ensure that we and others learn from our safety-related experiences. We share information in order to manage risks and to prevent incidents from happening again. We take a positive approach to health and safety that is based on ‘doing the right thing’. However, if safety regulations and rules are violated then we act incisively, deploying a ‘zero tolerance’ policy in this regard.

Safety for all

Safety goes further than just the safety of our own people. As a visitor, you have the right access, make the right preparations and wear the correct safety clothing.

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