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The greenhouse gas CO2 is one of the main causes of climate change. In order to keep the planet liveable for future generations, carbon dioxide emissions must therefore be drastically reduced in the coming decades. Since 2011, Eurailscout has taken various measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

Policy statement Energy
Eurailscout is a member of the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Entrepreneurship (SKAO), which is the heart of a large network of ambitious organizations that work structurally on CO2 reduction. One of Eurailscout’s objectives is the continuous improvement of the efficient use of energy. Eurailscout wants to achieve this by:

• Setting up an energy management system;
• Mapping and updating the energy flows within the company;
• Using alternative fuels and/or green electricity;
• Systematic assessment of energy consumption;
• Planning and implementing energy-saving measures;
• Making the necessary people, resources and organization available;
• Periodic assessment of the result of the energy-saving measures;
• Constantly updating the planned activities to improve energy efficiency;
• Working in accordance with current laws and regulations.

You can read the full Energy Policy Statement here.

CO2 reduction targets

We have set ourselves strict targets for the coming years when it comes to CO2 reduction.

• In 2030 we want to achieve a CO2 reduction of at least 55% for business mobility compared to 2010.
• Reducing own CO2 emissions by 4% per year (compared to 2009) related to operating income.
• Our offices are without harmful emissions with as little residual waste and plastic as possible.
• We reuse materials and produce with sustainable and circular materials.
• In all our projects we contribute to improving vital soil and biodiversity.
• In 2050 we want to operate climate-neutral.

CO2 progress reports

CO2 Footprint 2022

CO2 Footprint January – June 2023

CO2-Footprint 2023

Reduction in the chain
We are increasingly (pro)active in sustainable developments throughout the sector. Together with these parties, we aim to reduce CO2 reduction in the chain. Examples of this are:

> Initiative Infra Transportes Group
> Initiative Club of 49
> Initiative The Sustainable Supplier
> Initiative VIVENS

CO2-conscious certificate


Are you contributing?
Ideas for sustainable developments are very welcome! Mail us your suggestions, ideas or proposals.

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