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After almost 20 years of loyal service, Eurailscout’s UFM-160 measurement train is due for a facelift. This is necessary to keep the main components working optimally, but also to comply with all safety regulations. The renovation started at the beginning of this year, will last until the end of this summer and will take place in the Framafer/Plasser workshop in France. It is therefore a collaborative project with colleagues from Eurailscout France.

“We also use this stop to renew and install measuring systems. The goal is to turn the UFM-160 into a kind of Swiss army knife that can measure almost every important aspect of the railway infrastructure.” Speaking is David Orduz Gomez, project manager for the UFM-160 Refurbishment Project. A few questions for him:

What does the renovation entail?
“The renovation includes the overhaul of important parts of the train, such as the engines, gearboxes and cardan shafts, bogies, axles, wheel sets, braking systems and compressors. Furthermore, the electrical systems are being improved and new generators are being installed. In addition, we are installing a new track geometry system (GeoV3), redesigning and installing an ERTMS signaling antenna, installing GSMR antennas on the roof, installing a new signaling measuring frame (Cro Height) and a new signaling system (Cro Voltage). We also need to renew the train IT architecture for this. At the same time, some legacy systems that are no longer in use will be removed, such as the BvSys video camera system.”

What are the new possibilities of the measuring train?
“After the renovation, the UFM-160 will be able to measure all aspects of the signaling systems of the rail infrastructure in France for our customer SNCF. In addition, it measures the geometry of the catenary, the track geometry and the GSMR radio range.”

How long will the UFM-160 stay up to date?
“A second phase is planned for next year to add even more measurement systems and technical upgrades to the train. With those additions, coupled with the adjustments being made this year, the UFM-160 can continue to work and produce into the next decade.”

Where will the measuring train run?
“The UFM-160 will do most of the measurements on the traditional and high-speed lines in France. This multi-purpose train is the only one of its kind in France and possibly in Europe. We should be proud of that.”

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