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Last year EURAILSCOUT won the new ProRail contract for measuring ATB and GSM-R with the Jules. For this contract, the Jules needed the necessary modifications.

At the end of last year it was discovered that the roof of the Jules was leaking. At first glance, this seemed easy to fix, but upon further investigation, the entire roof had to be taken care of. To carry out the repair, the stainless steel antenna roof had to be temporarily removed. The work took place in the workshop of EURAILSCOUT.

New antennas
In addition to the repair that had to be done to fix the leak, other adjustments were also planned. For example, the Jules has received two new antennas and an air conditioning system has been installed. Placing the new antennas involved some testing. The antennas had to be examined in a place where there are no obstacles between the antennas and the measuring equipment that is placed in the field. The 2-day investigation took place at the Veluwse Spoorweg Maatschappij in Apeldoorn. “The employees of VSM have received us hospitably,” said Roland Bongenaar, Senior Development Engineer ERS.

Ready for use
After solving a number of small details, the Jules gets a big cleaning. Our Senior Machinist Ab has informed us that the roof is waterproof. The hard rain of the past few days has remained outside. After this redeeming message, the Jules is ready to drive again!

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