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July 2021, Eurailscout and PLR Goldschmidt signed a contract to develop a new active guidance control. The active guidance is a system that positions the ultrasonic probes in the center of the rail. The current system “UsTracking”  has reached its lifetime and needs to be renewed.

Eurailscout has searched for the best solution and partner. The project team has worked together with the purchase department to follow a full RFP process which included; sharing full set of technical specifications and drafts for the SLA and contract, Q&A sessions, offer presentations, internal evaluations of the offers, SLA requirements. and at the end the contract discussions.

The project team will ensure a seamless transition for our customers, by creating the opportunity for a parallel operation of “old” and “future” on two running bogies of the UST02. So there will be a smooth transition, with limited  impact for our customers and our operation.

With the core team, it was an intensive period keeping the pace high, resulting in solid contract.
Installation is planned for the Summer 2022, followed by ½ year validation on both the new active guidance and the new ultrasonic system also from PLR Goldschmidt.

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