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EURAILSCOUT is your reliable partner for monitoring the railway infrastructure. Whether we are talking about checking the overhead line, carrying out an integrated analysis of the track geometry or mapping out the condition of all the signals and switches: we are pleased to be at your service. We will now tell you more about the various products, services and options we offer.

Track geometry



Overhead Line


Integral analysis

It is customary for the rail measurements to be analysed independently of one another. The analysis result is then inspected again by performing manual measurements, in order to establish the (potential) defect accurately. In addition to these individual analyses, EURAILSCOUT offers the option of a Intergral analysis, in which we carry out a combined analysis of the results of the ultrasonic measurement, the ECT measurements and the video images. In this way, we can establish the condition of the rail more accurately and thus avoid unnecessary manual measurements that would disrupt regular rail traffic.

Axle box accelerations for passenger and measurement trains

In order to meet the need for simpler sensors and measuring equipment in order to assess the condition of the rail infrastructure, EURAILSCOUT offers the option of installing accelerometers. These accelerometers can be fitted to axle boxes of the wheelsets of a measurement train or passenger train in order to evaluate the track geometry more easily, albeit in a more limited way. Accelerometers are available too that can be fitted to a pantograph in order to determine the condition of the contact wire.

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